Twenty years after its return to China, Hong Kong is awakening to the importance of its natural and cultural heritage on a collective scale. And it should. The city is the top in Asia and fifth worldwide in the extent of its area designated for conservation, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Travel and Tourism Report. In very few places are urban delights and outdoor pursuits on offer in such close proximity as here. The Unesco-listed Hong Kong Global Geopark is the crowning glory of the city’s natural spaces, covering 50 sq km of Hong Kong’s northeast coastline. The park is made up of two distinct geological regions and eight named sites that range from islands to volcanic rocks, cliffs, sea caves and even a tombolo (tidal spit). If eight amazing sights weren’t enough to draw you, here are seven reasons (and one bonus) why we think now is the time to visit Hong Kong Global Geopark. 1. It’s easier than ever to get here The Hong Kong government has been taking steps to make the sublime but underplayed Hong Kong Global Geopark more accessible to visitors. The park is distributed across two regions – volcanic rocks at Sai Kung Peninsula, and sedimentary formations and old villages in the … Continue reading Seven reasons to explore Hong Kong Global Geopark right now

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