Stunning beaches, diverse culture and rich cuisine – much is made of this nation’s sedate attractions. And for good reason – they are worth a trip in their own right. But this mountainous island, which bursts dramatically from the Indian Ocean, is also fecund with some exciting activities. Here are some to enjoy. Climbing Le Morne Brabant: the ultimate high Standing on the sublime beaches of Le Morne Peninsula in Mauritius’ far southwest, looking out over the peaceful azure waters to waves crashing on the reef beyond, you’ll be hard pressed to imagine anything more beautiful. Yet, after a couple of hours’ of hiking up the hulking mass of Le Morne Brabant mountain, which towers dramatically over the peninsula, you won’t have to imagine any longer – the views from its slopes are truly astounding. The trail, which snakes up the back side of the massive monolith, starts with gentle paths through grasslands and indigenous forest before getting into some steep sections on rocky slopes – occasional ropes and advice from the guides help ease your progression up and down the latter. If you have limited mobility you can still take in some incredible views from the halfway point. The … Continue reading More to Mauritius: adventure activities await

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